Visit Lombok-Sumbawa 2012

Posted August 12, 2009 by lombokntb
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Visit Lombok-Sumbawa 2012

From AboveLombok island is in NTB Province, Indonesia. It is located east of Bali. its easy if you want to visit it! Lombok accesible by plane, ship/fast boat, or public ferry (from Bali)

In this island much of vaRinjani Mountainrious animals and floras. It’s beach is clean and very natural, with white sandy  beach, clean sea, variated fish, and beatifull corals. It have one mountain that called Gunung Rinjani. You can see beautiful scenery on this mountain, and it good place for adventurer who like climbing, blood sports, etc

giliLombok also have a lake what called Danau Segara Anak (Segara anak Lake). And Lombok also have 3 earthen dikes, they are Gili Meno (Earthen Dike Meno), Gili Air(Earthen Dike Air), and Gili Trawangan (Earthen Dike Trawangan). The city of NTB is located in Lombok, its name is Mataram. In this city a air port what called Bandara Selaparang. So don’t worry about transportation if you want to visit Lombok.

Segara Anak LakeThe simple pleasure of sunshine, white sandy beaches in quieter settings, unique culture, and eco tours makes Lombok a perfect getaway for honeymooners, families or those who look for a total relaxing holiday. Not just it. Beatifull scenery, wild forest, a high level of mountain, beautifull lake and earthen dikes, unique culture, and billow beach makes Lombok is a perfect tourism for sportsman, tourist, and traveler. So…. Don’t let your chance to go around Lombok with your family, friends, or some one who you love.

How Can I Go to Lombok….???

Maybe this question is in your mind when you want to go to Lombok. But don’t worry!, because it’s easy… Follow those tips: