Gunung Rinjani

Gunung Rinjani

Rinjani MountainGunung Rinjani (Rinjani Mountain) is located in Lombok island, NTB. Rinjani is the second highest volcano in Indonesia with tall 3.726m dpl, and reside in 8º25′ PL (Paraller South), and 116º28′ LE (Longitude East).

segara_anakRinjani is favorite mountain for  climber due to it’s beautifull sceneries. Rinjani is part of  Taman Nasional Gunung Rinjani (Rinjani Mountain National Park) that have wide 76.000 ha to west-ward and east-ward.

one of Waters Fall in Rinjani

As administrative Rinjani be under 3 regencies, they are Lombok Timur (East Lombok), Lombok Tengah (Center Lombok), and Lombok Barat (West Lombok). In the west-site of Rinjani contained Caldera, Caldera’s wide is 3.500 m × 4.800 m to west-ward, and east-ward. In Caldera is a lake that called Segara Anak, and the meaning Segara = Sea, Lake…. Anak = Child, Son.  With the clean bluely water, this lake like as little sea, that is the cause its called Segara Anak.  Segara Anak’s wide is 11.000 m2, and depth is 230m. The water (from Segara Anak) flows makes beautifull waterfall, and goes across steep ravine.

rinjaniIn Segara Anak many of goldfish, and freswater fish, until it occasionally use by visitor as fishing place. The south side of this lake is Segara Endut. In the east side of Caldera is Gunung Baru (Gunung Baru Jari) = Baru Mountain, it have cauldron what sized 170m×200 m with tall 2.296 – 2376 m dpl. This small mountain has last erupt at 2004.

peak of RinjaniAt the top of Rinjani you can see amazing sceneries. But it is in accesibility. You must go ahead a variate of  hard realms. And you cann’t go alone, or together with someone who don’t know about it. If you’ve fully decided to try Rinjani (or other mountains) climbing, here are some tips that can help you reach the peak (this tips not just for Rinjani Climbing) .

the Green Land (Lombok)1. Choose which mountain to climb. Decide on your route. Get the best one that is most suitable for you and your group. Remember to choose a mountain that is appropriate for the technique you will apply. For example, if you are using rock climbing techniques then choose a mountain that has a low-rising footpath. In that way, you won’t be scraping your knees along the edges as much. If you also choose to hike through the summit but one that has overhanging ice, you won’t be able to reach the top.

Rinjani Vulcano2. You have to be aware that with each step you take, the terrain gets steeper. Therefore, there is less oxygen and the climate gets harsher. Each step you take is more difficult.

3. Equip yourself with the proper gear. You can get these at any outdoor sports store. There are also some in junkyards or yard sales. But if you are investing in this activity, then you might as well get first-hand gear, right?

Your gear should include the following:
– backpack
– pair of boots
– coat
– canteen to be filled with water
– food that would last you during your entire excavation
– first aid kit
– flashlight
– sunscreen
– sunglasses
– map
– friend or companion. Never climb alone.

You can also bring a rifle (to protect yourself from wild beasts out there) and enough ammunition. If you’re ice climbing, bring an ice axe and warm clothing. Don’t forget the rope because this will be very useful.

When you’re actually climbing the mountain, you have to get to it first. Upon arriving at the base of the mountain, you have to know what you’re doing before you start out. Always be safe with each step you take. Keep your ice axe within reach just in case the situation calls for it.

Don’t get hypothermia. Don’t get lost. Don’t panic. These are a couple of key rules. Most importantly, have fun.


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